Feb 05, 2021

Equipping PM16 with TomTech III system

This week we finish the installation for Boor – Heipalen Postma (BHP).
This PM16 is now equipped with TomTech III system for CFA piles.

Additionally GPRS data communication for sending the reports directly to the client.

We wish Boor – Heipalen Postma (BHP), good luck with the machine and the TomTech III system.

Feb 02, 2021

Installing a TomTech III system on SonicSampDrill

We just finish installing a TomTech III system on this SonicSampDrill Sonic drill machine.
It was a nice project together for SonicSampDrill.
We like to thanks all the people from SonicSampDrill for the challenge and the good cooperation.
We are busy finalizing the next project which we will do together, which will end in Chile.
Jan 19, 2021

Repowering ETEC-880 foundation rigs

Before and after mix pump unit
Proud to be a part of this! It is a huge challenge, but the result will certainly be worth it. Thank you Sterk bv!


Sterk is currently repowering one of their ETEC-880 foundation rigs. By equipping it with a Stage-V engine, the emissions, and thus the harmful impact on the environment, are greatly reduced. In this way we make our activities a little more sustainable. They already have three machines with a Stage-V and two machines with a Stage-IV engine. Four of these are also equipped with a start-stop system to further reduce harmful emissions.
Of course they would prefer to work completely emission free and Sterk, as a member of the Emission-free Infrastructure Network (ENI), is also fully committed to this. But before they can run their machines on electricity or hydrogen, for example, this is a very nice intermediate step.
Dec 20, 2020

Refurbishing a pump mixing unit

Before and after mix pump unit
Restoration of a pump mixing unit.
Tomer Systems has refurbished a pump mixing unit in a container. A nice project in which the container is completely stripped of rust. Then applied the primer layer and then sprayed in the original color. The pump unit has been completely checked and the wearing parts have been replaced. Also the electricity is checked/replaced. Cleaned everything too.
Do your machine or installation also need a facelift?
Contact us for more information.
Nov 25, 2020

Large scale maintenance on Schwing concrete pump

Today this Schwing concrete pump was picked up again by the customer.
What started as minor corrective maintenance (the engine no longer started),
resulted, after an inspection, in large-scale preventive maintenance.
In consultation with the customer, we then have:
– Replaced the concrete dredgers
– Replaced a piston rod
– Replaced the seals of both cylinders
– All hydraulic oil flushed and replaced
– Replaced pressure gauges and gauge glass
– Replaced the turbo
– Replaced the starter motor
– Replaced the multi-belt
– Replaced the spray lance of the high pressure cleaner
– Electrically polished the control box
– Emergency stops working again
– Fixed rotating and working lights
– Leaks closed in the sink
– New sealing rubbers mounted on the doors
– The engine (Cat C3.4) and chassis provided with new filters and oil
This machine is again ready to pump several cubic meters of concrete!
Thank you De Waal Solid Foundations and good luck!
Nov 19, 2020

New pulse counter for a concrete pump

Concrete pump equipped with a pulse counter developed by Tomer Systems.
Now the amount of liters and the total over the day are immediately visible.
Nov 12, 2020

Repairing a toppled over crane


This crane had toppled over. The Tomer Systems Service Team has repaired and / or replaced the following;
– The yoke
– New A-frame
– Winch
– Hydromotor
– Gearbox
– Cylinders
– Sliding table
– Earings for the pulley
Because of the efforts of the team, the customer can have his crane again in no time.
We wish them many more safe hours!
Nov 09, 2020

Repairing fuel line

Standstill due to a broken fuel line. The Tomer Systems Service team repaired the broken pipe the same day.
Immediately the next day we installed a new fuel line and added a spare line.
Always nice to help a customer quickly and properly!
Nov 06, 2020

Welding and repairing on site, the same day customer called

Nothing is more annoying than broken stuff during your work.
It was good that this customer called Tomer Systems.
This way we could help him the same day by welding the broken piece on site.
The operator could then immediately continue his work.
This is the service that Tomer Systems considers important to its customers.
Nov 05, 2020

On location with 3 service vans

Helping a client on a saturday. We needed 3 service vans.
Nov 02, 2020

New camera system and seat for a pile driver

The importance of good visibility around the machine is often underestimated!
In addition, a good seat for the operator so that he can work fine.
Tomer Systems was allowed to install the camera system and a new seat in a pile driver.
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