Monitoring systems


The newest generation of monitoring systems, the TomTech III, comes with a wide range of possible features, based on your specific needs.

Our recent projects page shows you examples of options and details.

Are you a machine operator, a client or a contractor?

Our monitoring systems answers all your questions about drilling, piling and project management.

TomTech III is an advanced and at the same time transparent and easy to operate monitoring system for foundation companies.

TomTech III creates an integrated environment for:

– Measurements

– Signal amplification

– Numerical processing

– Event-driven visualization

– Data registration

– Self-test and Self-calibration

– Intuitive software flow

– Delayed picture and audio

– Maintenance facilities

– Multi-application capability

– Wireless communication

– Layered structure

– Self-management

– Flexible software

Decades of experience in foundation work,
all together in a modern device.

”As the world’s pioneers in automated monitoring systems and with TomTech III technology in hand,
Tomer Systems BV offers the market-leading solutions in:
and management.”

Aside from its impressive performance, TomTech III employs unique concepts, enabling things previously considered out of reach:

– Mali effect 

– Neta side printing 

– Yam index 

– Non-contact

– Non-optical 

– Depth gauge 

– Self calibration

– Click & Done

– Automated installation

– Self test

– GPS accurate to 20 mm

– Smart Sensor

TomTech III – Technical specifications

Input voltage: 18-33 VDC

Input power: 45 Watt

Input protection:
– Overvoltage
– Voltage protection
– Overcurrent
– Reverse polarity

Housing: rigid, aviation protective coating, aluminum

Sealing: at least IP 65

Connectors and cables to military specifications

Color screen, 10.4 ”, VGA, for poor visibility conditions

Continuous brightness

Removable flash memory

Fully solid state computer – no moving parts

Wise Sensor compatible

Automatic self-test for the computer and the meters

Mouse, joystick or trackball navigation for all activities, no keyboard or buttons needed

Layered modular structure

Insightful, graphical interface language

Analog, digital, audio, and Tomer Mode data display

Integrated environment

Content Responsive User Interface – Click & Go technology

Fully software driven device – Soft Device

Integrated tools in the software:
– Automatic self-test
– Realtime oscilloscope
– Automatic calibration and zero setting
– Installation manager

Wizard driven setup and initial calibration

” Panic ” button for total setting to factory settings

Add, upgrade or replace applications easily and quickly

Supports multiple applications in the same device

Automatic storage of data and results

Fully accessible saved data

Observation on site of previously driven piles

Smart Sensor

Tomtech III introduces the Smart Sensor concept. Each sensor is equipped with a microprocessor that handles measurement tasks as well as communication with TomTech III. This increases measuring power and calculation capacity.

Multi Application

TomTech III is fully software driven and has no buttons or a keyboard. All gauges, control panels, images and instructions are virtual. So one can run any application, and sometimes several at the same time, on the same device.

Layered structure

In order to meet the large number of foundation techniques and the many options for each technique, TomTech III has been layered – this allows the user to adapt the device to his wishes and upgrade it at any time.


TomTech III is a fully software-controlled device that assists the operator by showing precisely and quick everything needed and leave all the rest.


The idea behind TomTech III is to assist and guide the operator so that errors are prevented and not just monitored.

Reliable and accurate

TomTech III can be integrated to zero, calibrate and also detect problems itself. This results in correct operation without being dependent on the level of experience of the operator.

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