Welcome !
TomeR systems BV is a knowledge based company, busy, mainly, in the ground engineering activities.
The company’s foundations relay on accumulated experience of three generations. Starting in the early
sixties, until today, the company is a pioneer in introducing, and applying, of new concepts, new ideas,
and new patents, related to, virtually, all the aspects of ground engineering.
Just to mention a few of the innovations:
  • Piles in rock.
  • Computerized monitoring.
  • Tomer loading test.
  • Effector.
  • Tommer Hammer.
TomeR Systems BV is involved in all the aspects of ground engineering activities, like:
  • Theories, standards, and codes.
  • Foundation, excavation, and earth moving, production.
  • Machinery development, design, and production.
  • Loading tests, monitoring, and ground investigations.
The strength of TomeR Systems BV is by the ability to combine interdisciplinary knowledge and experience, in the fields
of electronics, mechanics, hydraulic, computerizing and ground engineering.


Please feel free to discover the website and to ask us any question.